Norm Smithers, Dai-Shihan, Sword Seminar

3-7pm 28 April 2018

10-2pm 29 April 2018

Norm Smithers, Dai-Shihan, will be teaching a seminar on Budo Taijutsu sword work in Columbia, MD. Norm will focus on various waza to include Muto Dori for the seminar. The seminar will be Saturday, 28 April 2018 from 3pm-7pm and Sunday, 29 April 2018 from 10am-2pm. The cost will be $75 for both days, $50 for one day. If you're an instructor who is interested in bringing at least 5 students, please contact me for a group discount. More specific information on the training will be provided as we get closer to the seminar.

A little about Norm..

Norman first started training under Hatsumi Soke in early 1982. He started teaching in 1989 and formed the Bujinkan Kouryuu Dojo in 2002..
He was awarded Judan Chi-Gyo (10th Dan) in Japan in April 2001, then in April 2006, again in Japan, he was graded to Judan Ku-Gyo Happo Biken (15th) Dan, a grade he first refused and was then told by Nagato Sensei to take it!!, Soke at the same time, also awarded him with the warrior name of Kouryuu, or Ferocious Dragon.
In September 2008 Soke awarded him The Bujinkan Gold Medal for services to the Bujinkan, an honour which still surprises him as there are far more deserving members in the Bujinkan who haven’t yet received it!. In December 2012 he was awarded the Bufu Ikkan certificate for spreading Sokes teachings through the martial wind. In September 2014 he was awarded Yuushuu Shihan and in October 2017 he was presented with Dai Shihan.
He now has a full time matted Dojo near Huddersfield which he started when he moved to West Yorkshire in 2010. He has around 12 Dojos around the UK and Scotland including one in Malta.
Norman was an active member of the French Foreign Legion from 1976 until 1981 where he was a Corporal Instructor based at Castelnaudary before leaving the Legion and joining the British Special Forces (H.A.C) in 1983. He was called up for duty during the 1992 Gulf conflict, but the Iraqi’s gave up when they heard he was on his way!!!. Other than training in the Bujinkan directly under Hatsumi Soke, his direct teacher in Japan is Someya Sensei with whom he has trained under for 16 years; he regularly trains also with Nagato and Noguchi Sensei’s’.
He also studied Feng Sau Kung Fu for five years with his brother, but chose to discontinue this as it clashed with his Bujinkan training.
Norman has trained in Close Protection, was a firearms instructor and a member of both the French and British Regimental shooting teams. Other than Martial Arts, Norman’s hobbies include Scuba Diving (Padi Divemaster and EFR instructor), Cycling (ex-time triallist), climbing, walking and reading.