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Next Seminar: 10 JUN 2017


Knife and Pistol Seminar                                                                  To be announced

  • The seminar will focus on use of a knife and pistol in the context of battlefield conditions and defense against their use, to include consideration of armored opponents. The first half will cover use and defense against a knife, both unarmed and armed, and accessing a knife during conflict. The second half will cover pistol work and will include, retention, accessing, use and defense. We will cover the use of armor by the opponent for both portions of the class.

  • If you have not been to one of my previous seminars or I don't know you, you MUST send me a message to introduce yourself and/or provide a mutual friend. This is a requirement if you would like to attend. Anyone who shows up the day of the seminar that I don't know and haven't spoken with beforehand will be turned away.

  • You will need a training knife, training pistol and holster. I'll have a few extra on hand for folks. Please wear sturdy clothing and a belt that can all stand up to being grabbed. No shoes on the mats.

  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  • Cost is $30.

  • For more information, please

  • contact Josh Reis at: ganbarubuyudojo@yahoo.com or www.GanbaruBuyuDojo.